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Waiting List

Hi!  Our roster is currently full but we are offering spots on our waiting list.


How to officially be placed on the waiting list:

  • You’ll need to sign a club waiver. (Follow link below)

  • Fill out the contact form below so we have your info.

  • If you are a brand new paddler, you aren’t required to pay the member fee till your 3rd practice.


     Being on the waiting list means that the day before each practice (Friday and Tuesday) if there are seats available at that practice, Dona will make her way down the waiting list offering the seat to each person.


If there is a seat for you, you can join practice but you won’t be guaranteed a seat during races. If a spot on our roster opens up, waiting list paddlers will have a chance to take it and at that time will need to start paying their monthly fee of $30/month.


    If you would like more time on the water and don’t care which team you’re part of The World Beat Club has 4 other teams that are worth checking out! The Angry Unicorns are starting a mixed(for both men and women) team this season and the Willamette River Dragons and Jade Dragons both likely have seats open on their rosters for women paddlers.


Join the Waiting List

Thanks for submitting!

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