Highland Roosters Dragon Boat Team Picture

Keep Highland Fun


Keep Highland Fun is our motto! We're all about being ridiculously goofy, laughing and not taking ourselves too seriously. We may not win every race, but we win in the fun category every time! And hey, winning is fun too. 


Our team is a bunch of indivuduals that have found an accepting, fun and open community. We work hard at fostering a friendly and fun culture. 


We've fully embraced our Highland style. Green Argyle socks. Kilts on race day. William Wallace style face paint. 


This exciting sport, now one of the fastest growing in the U.S., has attracted visiting teams from throughout the Northwest to Salem for the World Beat Festival. For more info about the Salem Multicultural Institute and other Dragon Boat Teams click the World Beat Logo to the right. 

Highland Rooster Team Race Day Attire
Salem Multi-Cultural Institute World Beat Festival Logo